Spring Cleaning Your Diet with Harmon's Grocery


Salt Lake City (KUTV) - Harmon's Grocery stopped by Fresh Living with tips on how to spring clean your diet.

With winter weather behind us, now is the perfect time to do a bit of spring cleaning in your pantry. By purging “junk” food from your pantry, you take away much of the temptation to eat it. If it’s within reach, it’s easy to indulge – and even small nibbles throughout the day can really add up!

Here's the foods Harmon's recommends "Spring Cleaning" out of your diet:

  • Get rid of salty, high calorie snack foods, which are all around bad for your waistline. They’re high in empty calories and bloat-causing salt. Plus, they aren’t very satisfying – think of how easy it is to eat a whole bag of chips, or at least multiple servings. (i.e. a 150 calorie serving of tortilla chips is only 9 chips!) Swap salty chips for: Raw veggies with hummus or low fat dips, which are satisfyingly crunchy and have a similarly salty taste; whole grain crackers (i.e. Triscuits) or popcorn with a string cheese; lightly salted nuts – with satisfying healthy fats and protein, plus fun flavors, you won’t even miss your chips!
  • Foods high in added sugars. Regardless of the type, added sugars really don’t do anything for your body: they’re just empty calories, and they can send your body for a ride on the blood sugar roller coaster. Swap soda (Americans’ greatest single source of added sugar) for: sparkling water with fruit slices (so spring-y!) , or unsweetened tea, coffee, or caffeinated water for a caffeine fix. Diet sodas keep your taste buds trained on the taste of sweetness, so even though they don’t contain sugar it’s best to keep these in moderation. Swap candy for: a small portion (about 1 oz.) of high cacao content dark chocolate with berries for an antioxidant rich dessert that will satisfy a sweet tooth and won’t derail your health goals. Finding a treat that you can keep from over-indulging in is key!
  • Foods with trans fat. Trans fats are the lab-created fats that are particularly bad for health. They’re abundant in packaged foods like cookies, cakes, cracker and chips – sometimes they’re even lurking in unexpected places, like tortillas. Add in heart healthy oils like olive or canola oil. Check nutrition labels and chuck items with partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list, even if the trans-fat amount is 0 grams per serving.
  • Subtraction by addition. Think of nourishing foods to add in, rather than just cutting things out. By adding in good stuff, you have less room in your pantry (and in your stomach!) for less nutritious foods.

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