Tackle Your Stress Eating with Cookies

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(KUTV) Can you tackle your stress eating with cookies?

Dr. Shawn Talbot visited Fresh Living to discuss stress eating.

What causes stress eating?

Stress leads to cravings for sugar, carbs, snacks, and other comfort foods.

The culprit is Cortisol - the body’s primary stress hormone - which signals the brain to EAT, while also signaling the fat cells in the abdominal region to STORE (more belly fat).

We can be over-exposed to cortisol if we have chronic stress, if we get less than 8 hours of sleep, and if we’re dieting for weight loss.

All of these sources of stress will increase cortisol levels and increase stress eating.

How can we avoid stress eating?

It’s hard for us to avoid or even “manage” all of our sources of stress, so when we’re stressed, we want to do 3 things:

avoid the “bad” stress foods (chips, doughnuts, soda) that are very high in sugar

choose the “less bad” options that combine a little sugar with fat and protein (granola bars, trail mix, Snickers)

choose the “best” options that can actually short-circuit the stress response and bring your cortisol levels down to counteract stress-eating and help you feel less-stressed (green tea, dark chocolate, asparagus, peanut butter)

How can Stress Tea and Stress Cookies help?

This is a project that Courtney dreamed up (who has more stress than a high school student).

These products combine healthy carbs, healthy fats, and high protein with stress-reducing herbs such as Corn grass, Asparagus extract, Pine Bark extract, and Green tea extract.

Drink Stress Tea during the day - and your stress goes down, but your energy and focus go up.

Eat a Stress Cookie at night - and your stress goes down, while your calmness and sleep quality improve.

We have 3 days left in our Kickstarter campaign to raise money to bring these products onto the market. Go to StressCookie.com to support us.

As a special offer - every supporter that we get today from Fresh Living will also get a special prize - a copy of my latest book about controlling stress and feeling your best.

Dr. Shawn Talbott is a nutritional biochemist who studies "psychological vigor" (which is a combination of physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional well-being). He is the author of 13 books, was part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" initiative to fight childhood obesity, and was recently named the "World's Fittest CEO."

His daughter, Courtney Talbott is a senior at Juan Diego High School in Draper, and recent winner of the Distinguished Young Women Scholarship for South Salt Lake County. She plans to study nutrition in college and become a Naturopathic Doctor.