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The Leonardo: Flirting with Food Valentine's Dinner

Flirting with Food.jpg
Flirting with Food.jpg

(KUTV) The must-not-miss date night for Valentine's Day this year will be held at The Leonardo. The event will be held Saturday February 13th.

Flirting with Food: A Valentine's Dinner will feature:

  • A 5-course meal
  • Expert advice and coaching from relationship guru Emil Harker
  • Fun activities to help you connect or re-connect an important relationship.

You will enjoy a discussion from relationship expert Emil Harker on:

  • How the quality of the food can impact the quality of your date
  • Tips for making the most out of your Valentine's Dinner
  • Tips for strengthening your relationship

Emil Harker has a rich background of psychotherapy theory, and human development from his graduate studies at AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) accredited Utah State University, Emil has been involved in helping people overcome obstacles and get the most out of life for over 13 years. Emil has worked in a variety of settings from the poverty stricken to the very wealthy and from addictions to life coaching. True to his background and training Emil is a gifted marriage and sex therapist. As a relationship expert he is a frequent guest on radio and tv programs offering real solution to real people's problems.

To book your date night, visit or call (801) 531-9800.