The South Beach Diet

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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - If your New Year's Resolution is to lose weight, you've probably looked into many diet programs. Kari Hawker-Diaz learned all about the South Beach Diet by talking with the man behind it, Dr. Arthur Agatston, as well as the CEO of South Beach Diet, via a Live Satellite interview.

Dr. Agatston says, "The South Beach Diet became an overnight sensation, but it was a program I had been working on in my practice for many years. We were the first diet to propose that it is not about eliminating fats and carbs, but rather the quality of the fats and carbs you’re eating. That principal still holds true. ... The over-consumption of sugar, whether simple sugar or from refined carbs, can lead to diabetes and heart disease. It is one of the biggest problems in many Americans’ diets and adds no nutritional value. In fact, I would say fats aren’t making us gain weight, sugar is."

Dawn, who also owns Nutrisystem, recently acquired the South Beach Diet. Dawn says, "The high-protein, low-sugar, low-carb movement is really on trend and we want to offer consumers more choices, flexibility and personalization through a platform of programs. So we acquired the South Beach Diet and have relaunched the program as a home-delivered, structured weight-loss plan. It makes the program even simpler for consumers, who are busier than ever and want a proven solution. It really caters to them."

There are 3 phases to the South Beach Diet. "The South Beach Diet provides the right nutrients to keep you feeling satisfied, while still losing weight. Phase 1 is about breaking the sugar habit. In phase 2, good carbs like fruits and whole grains are added and then phase 3 is really about how you’ll eat to maintain a healthy weight," says Dr. Agatston.

"New this year, we’ve introduced the 7-Day Body Reboot to help break the sugar habit. Foods on our menu deliver 1% of calories from added sugars — significantly lower than the 10% recommended by the USDA. And, our study shows that in the first two weeks, you can expect to lose up to 9 pounds," says Dawn Zier.

The program cost as little as $11 a day. Go to to learn more.