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(KUTV) -- In today's world we are bombarded with information and stuff, so there is clutter everywhere. From being on our phones and computers, countertops, to bedrooms and basements, we crave being free of the clutter and fantasize about being organized but it oftentimes feels impossible. Today on Fresh Living Marla Dee, Owner of Clear & Simple Organizing, joined the hosts to talk about how to change that. As a professional organizer for 18 years, Marla has seen the pain. With contagious enthusiasm and stories from real clients, Marla shares her belief that living organized is a skill anyone can learn. Why bother learning this skill? Because getting organized frees you to be present for what matters most. Her Clear & Simple Systems teach where to start, what to do and how to keep it up.

STACKS – the SYSTEM that makes organizing easy With the year coming to an end, it is natural to look back and reflect on what we did and didn’t do. One of the most common goals set and not accomplished is “I want to finally get organized!!!” As a Professional Organizer for 19 years, Marla Dee has seen the pain and struggle her clients go through. She has seen how much they want to get organized and how hard they have tried. The missing element to success is the fact that only 10-12% of the population is born with the organizing gene*. Marla Dee has created a SYSTEM that steps you through any organizing project and that works for any personality. This system makes organizing easier because you are only doing one step at a time. You are asking only ONE question and making ONE decision at a time. The system is called STACKS: S – Sort T – Toss A – Assign a home C – Contain K - Keep it up S - Simplify Sort – What is it? Toss – Will I keep it or let it go? Assign – Where does it go? Contain – What does it go in? Keep it up – How will I maintain this? Simplify – How can I live with less? By taking only one step at a time, your brain stays clear and your body is energized. And the steps build on each other. Once you Sort you can easily see what you have so the Toss is easier. Then what you have left is what needs to be organized (usually 60%) of what you started with. So, the Assign and Contain fall into place. For the Keep it up you are now free of clutter and organized. Simplifying is the natural result of how good it feels to have one area organized.

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