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Think outside the oven this Thanksgiving season

Ace Hardware

It is estimated that over 46 million turkeys will be cooked this Thanksgiving, spending hours in ovens across the country. But did you know it was possible to create a holiday feast using a grill? While the thought of as more of a summertime appliance, grills, and smokers create a delicious and juicy turkey sure to have your family members reaching for seconds. For the second year, grilling expert Chef Jason Morse invites viewers to think outside the oven this Thanksgiving and fire up their grills. He will teach you all there is to know about grilling your bird (and more!) this holiday season.

Chef Jason’s grilling tips include:

  • Look for a one-stop-shop grill that can handle anything from low and slow bbq to hot and fast cooking.
  • If you’re looking for the best insurance policy for a tasty and juicy turkey, brine is the way to go. This flavorful solution of herbs, spices, salt, sugar and aromatics work together to deliver an amazing main course.
  • To add a different twist to your Thanksgiving meal this year, try a low and slow technique to add smoke flavor into your Turkey creating the most amazing holiday feast.
  • Looking to cook your entire meal on the grill? Why not use a cast iron skillet to create truly next level stuffing, cornbread, or mac and cheese. It’s an innovative way to create a meal to remember.

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More about Chef Jason Morse

Chef Jason has spent a lifetime behind the grills and smokers and is now able to interact with consumers daily to help them cook better with some of the best grilling and smoking tools on the market. As the Ace Hardware National Spokesperson and BBQ Expert, Chef Jason is proud to call Ace his culinary home. Jason is a Certified Executive Chef and member of the American Culinary Federation. Jason has been featured on the Food Network, Local Media for both English and Hispanic segments, was a morning show chef for a Denver Radio station and currently produces the Colorado Department of Agriculture monthly recipes for local Colorado media. Jason has been published in the Colorado Classique Junior League of Denver Cookbook, and various local publications. Jason works with and supports groups like the Ace Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and The Colorado FFA Foundation.