Three Time Olympic Gold Athlete and Mom Misty May-Treanor Shares Family Fun & Fitness Tips

Full Life Hacks.png
Full Life Hacks.png

(KUTV) Three Time Olympic Gold Athlete and Mom Misty May-Treanor visited with Fresh Living and shared FULL-Life Hacks for Summer To Promote Family Fun & Fitness.

Misty May-Treanor, 3-time Olympic Beach Volleyball gold medalist wants to get the message out about doubling up on fitness and family fun through a series of 7 FULL-Life Hacks.

These Hacks are not only a great way to entertain kids during summer - they are simple, inexpensive and practical.

  • The Family Games
  • DIY Badminton
  • Let Someone Else Lead
  • Family That Drums Together
  • Healthy Treasure Hunt
  • Dash to Dine
  • Get your Dance On!

Why Hacks? Abbott asked nearly two million people around the world – 50% of the survey were in the United States - what living fully means to them.

Overwhelmingly, the response was FAMILY is the #1 key to a full life. Health, Giving and Success also topped the list. And for most people, MONEY and TIME were their top barriers.

Inspired by the insight, which is about helping people live their best lives through good health — is sharing FULL-Life Hacks. This is a series of activities that promote family time while helping to alleviate some of the top barriers.