Tips on Combating Cyber Bullies from Paraben Consumer Software

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Salt Lake City (KUTV) - Cyber bullying isn't just a problem plaguing today's youth; many adults fall victim to cyber bullies as well, and cyber bullies are finding new ways to attack their victims.

Rob Schroader from Paraben Consumer Software stopped by Fresh Living to discuss how cyber bullying is changing and what you can do to protect yourself.

New Cyber Bullying Methods:

  • Doxing is on the rise. This is when someone posts personal information about someone as a way to intimidate them. This can be names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This type of bullying brings harassment into their every day lives.
  • Trolling is another way to bully. Trolling is posting mean and nasty comments on people's blogs and social media pages. Because the trolls are anonymous, they say things they would never say directly to someone.

Online bullying isn't just targeted at kids. Adults with grudges often employ one of these methods of bullying to attack someone. What they don't understand is that even though they think they're completely anonymous, if they cross the line into illegal activity, there are ways to trace online activity back to you.

To combat cyber-bullying, parents should know what their kids are doing online. They may very well be the culprits. Clear rules need to be established and parents should read the school policies with their children.

To combat doxing, if you feel you are in immediate danger, contact the police. If the information released is readily available and you don't feel you are in danger, block the culprit and ignore them.

For trolls, there really is only one rule: Don't feed the trolls.

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