Turn your videos and pictures into top-shelf movies


(KUTV) -- Yours.co was born from the need for families to move the hundreds of videos and thousands of images stored on their mobile devices to a safer, easier more appealing format for everyone to enjoy. Yours.co helps busy families quickly access the cherished memories from images and videos that hold life’s events and milestones. Today on Fresh Living Paul Brockbank and Stephanie Randle, CEO & VP of Marketing, joined the hosts to explain how Yours.co works and how it is helps families preserve memories forever.

Trillions of images are being taken each year and finding specific digital memories is difficult, let alone getting them organized and edited so that you can share them with others. In fact, most videos remain unedited and simply live on users’ mobile devices waiting for the next device upgrade to transfer them over or in many cases lose them all together. Yours.co uses an innovative technology to automate the video editing process so families can re-experience life events and memories. Users don’t need to use time-consuming software to edit and burn videos to DVD or other complicated online resources. Yours.co provides a simple solution to upload images/videos to then deliver top-shelf videos we call Magic Movies.

Yours.co delivers your memories via beautiful movies with an easy-to-use mobile app. Our technology adds music, transitions and effects to user videos. There’s no editing on their part, no setting a sound track or inserting transitions. Users memories get the attention they deserve, so they can continue making them. These memories are delivered in a number of ways including: our new streaming service, in-app viewing and via DVD. You can now capture and preserve every chapter of a family’s life and view them at anytime from anywhere. As a Yours.co customer you have choices on how you can view your memories. Content will be stored in the cloud and made available through an online streaming channel (via Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Chromecast) or in-app viewing, and you can receive a DVD with all the footage and edited views. The goal is to allow access to your home movies on any device and share them with family and friends afar. This new offering will allow customers to binge watch their life stories. What’s Notable? What Makes Yours.co Different? Easy to upload family video/photo content from the small screen to the home screen. Automates without the need to be a video/photo editor, we do it for you. Provides greater connectivity to your family’s content from anywhere. Available on an open platform that connects you with family and friends, no one offers this degree of connectivity. With streamable personal/family videos. Preserves memories and provides a way to relive these.

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