Using Online Courses to Boost Your Career in the New Year

Harvard Business School Online

(KUTV) -- It’s something you’ve probably heard a decent amount: “You should take an online class,” “That’s what online classes are for,” “Online courses are a great resource.”

But what exactly are you getting yourself into by enrolling? Why exactly is it a useful tool? Is it even worth it? Are all online courses created equal?

Today on Fresh Living Patrick Mullane, Executive Director of Harvard Business School Online, joined the hosts from the campus of Harvard Business School to discuss how online courses can positively impact your career, increase confidence and self-esteem, and lead to tangible benefits such as raises or promotions.

About Patrick Mullane:

Patrick Mullane is the Executive Director of HBX. As Executive Director, he is responsible for managing growth, expansion in global markets, and long-term success. Harvard Business School Online delivers rigorous and immersive courses that enable professionals at every level to advance their careers, positively impact their organizations, and appreciate business in powerful, new ways. Before earning his MBA from Harvard Business School, Patrick served as a captain in a U.S. Air Force intelligence organization and later was a tech CEO. In addition to his MBA, Patrick holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and an M.S. in Project and Systems Management from Golden Gate University.

About Harvard Business School Online:

Harvard Business School Online offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts. Wherever you are in your career—or the world—they provide educational experiences that can help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

In a recent survey of past participants, conducted by City Square Associates, four out of five said HBS Online is worth the investment.

Why? According to the community of learners, HBS Online:

  • Accelerates Careers: 93 percent said our programs equipped them with skills that bolstered their resume, while one in four reported earning a promotion or title change after completing an HBS Online course.
  • Clarifies Goals: 77 percent of learners said HBS Online increased the clarity in their professional future, from determining whether it was time to transition to a new field or industry to making the decision to pursue an MBA.
  • Increases Confidence: 90 percent reported feeling more confident at work and more comfortable making business decisions. And that confidence went noticed: 53 percent of respondents received more responsibility at work after taking an HBS Online course.
  • Creates Community: 63 percent said they felt as though they joined a community of like-minded peers with similar career and educational aspirations.

The learning model enables that. By providing professionals with an educational experience that’s case-based, active, and social, HBS Online puts you in the shoes of decision-makers, and asks you to grapple with real-world problems and discuss and debate with your peers to reach a solution.

For more information go to, ONLINE.HBS.EDU