We All Live Downstream: Prevention of Stormwater Pollution

Salt Lake County Storm Water Coalition.png
Salt Lake County Storm Water Coalition.png

(KUTV) The Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition visited Fresh Living to raise awareness on the prevention of water pollution.

Stormwater is rain, snow and sleet that flows down our gutters directly into our streams and lakes. Stormwater itself is clean, but as it travels and picks up pet waste, dirt, debris and grass clippings.

PET WASTE is something important to be aware of because most residents pick up their pet waste at home, but often times out on a trial or at a park they may think park staff clean it up or they'll get it later and forget. Problem is that pet waste is not only a nuisance if not picked up - it's actually dangerous for our waterways. The fish and plant life that inhabit the water and those of us who play in the water.

When it rains it washes the pet waste away, but it also releases bacteria, diseases and viruses into the water. Like E coli, tape worms, etc.

You can't see them, but they can make those of us playing in the water at risk for infections.

The easy solution to prevent toxins from pet waste is to pick up your pet waste and throw it in the garbage or flush down the toilet at home.