WHOLives: Bringing Clean Water to Communities

Who Lives

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Did you know a billion people on Earth today don't have access to clean water? John Renouard founded WHOlives, which is based right here in Utah, to help lower that number. Brooke & Kari sat down with John to learn how WHOlives helps communities, and how everyone can get involved.

During a humanitarian trip to Africa in 2010, John Renouard witnessed the harmful effects of extreme poverty. He returned home and took action, determined to cure the three ailments of poverty: Water, Health, and Opportunity. Using this acronym, John founded WHOlives in 2010, and over the next few months, he worked with student engineers from BYU to design the Village Drill, a human-powered drill that can access clean, disease-free water up to 250 feet deep. There are almost 70 Village Drills now in operation worldwide, the which have provided clean water access to more than 1.2 million people across the globe.

To get involved or learn more, go to WHOlives.org or call 888-67-LIVES.