Women's Leadership LIVE: October 13-15 in Salt Lake City

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(KUTV) Fresh Living sat down with leaders from Women's Leadership LIVE to get details on a great conference coming up in downtown Salt Lake City.

Women’s Leadership LIVE works to promote business, career and leadership opportunities for women. We are clearly underrepresented in leadership. Women are 51% of the population but only 20% of Congress. Women make 80% of household spending decisions, but only 5% of Fortune 500 companies are led by female CEOs. Only 16% of public companies’ board members are women. We believe we can change that. It’s not about setting quotas, but about having a diversity of experiences and perspectives in decision-making roles.

Our conferences give aspiring leaders unparalleled access to the experts who have walked in their shoes. Through main-stage speakers, breakout sessions, and one-on-one conversations we share proven strategies for real-world success.

It will be held October 13-15 at the Grand America Hotel. Discounted conference rate of $650 (instead of $800) if you sign up before October 1, plus discounted room rate at the Grand America Hotel.

Linda McMahon is the co-founder and former CEO of WWE. She and her husband, Vince McMahon, grew the company from a 13-person operation to a publicly traded global enterprise with more than 800 employees in offices worldwide. WWE has fans in more than 180 countries and is a social media powerhouse with more than 33 million followers on Facebook. She was twice nominated to represent the people of Connecticut in the U.S. Senate.

Debbie Saviano is a social media design strategist and expert in online influence. She put herself through college driving a school bus, earned a teaching degree, and later became a school principal, leading five campuses from pre-K to high school. After retiring from education, she launched a new career as a social media expert, helping people and organizations develop and maintain relationships through the power of ROI – Return on Influence via social media.

Stacey Schieffelin is the founder and president of ybf (Your Best Friend) Beauty, a cosmetics company that sells products on TV shopping channels worldwide. She built her entrepreneurial career after 20 years as a model with the Ford Modeling Agency. She rang the New York Stock Exchange’s opening bell on behalf of the non-profit Count Me In to celebrate the power of women-owned businesses. She was named Connecticut’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.