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(KUTV) Salt Lake City - On a daily basis, Sheila J Davis hears the people she speaks with talk about their success or lack of it. What she has noticed is that discovering success isn't a one-time thing. Even though we see someone we feel has achieved success, it is deceiving. Chances are, they most likely feel they are still seeking success. Sheila J Davis sat down with Brooke & Caitlin today to discuss what it means to be successful continually throughout your life.

About Sheila J Davis:

Sheila J Davis, founder of YES! Women’s Network and Lock n’ Load Marketing, is an accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, digital marketer, and mentor. She’s known for her motivating and engaging presentation style, professional online work, freely giving expert advice that works, and endlessly texting her children “dab” emojis (that’s what the cool moms do, right?).

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