Ask the Expert: A fun way to get your kids to eat more produce this summer

Ask the Expert - Eat More Produce During Summer
With summer weather here, it’s the best time of the year to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. But, sometimes it can be difficult to get your kids to try these foods and eat fresh produce. Emily Krueger Lybbert, a Registered Dietitian at LDS Hospital says the best way to get your child or, even your significant other to eat more produce, is to involve them in produce purchases.

Tips for Parents:

  • Provide fruits and vegetables as snacks. Keep fruit washed, cut up and in plain sight in the refrigerator.
  • Serve salads more often. Get prewashed, bagged salad at the grocery store. Teach your child what an appropriate amount of salad dressing is and how it can be ordered on the side at restaurants.
  • Try out vegetarian recipes for spaghetti, lasagna, chili, or other foods using vegetables instead of meat.
  • Include at least one leafy green or yellow vegetable for vitamin A such as spinach, broccoli, winter squash, greens, or carrots each day.
  • Include at least one vitamin C– rich fruit or vegetable, such as oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, melon, tomato, and broccoli each day.
  • Add a fruit or vegetable as part of every meal or snack. For example, you could put fruit on cereal, add a piece of fruit or small salad to your child’s lunch, use vegetables and dip for an after-school snack, or add a vegetable or two you want to try to the family’s dinner.
  • Be a role model—eat more fruits and vegetables yourself.

Produce Bucks:

LDS Hospital has created Produce Bucks, a program designed to help kids get familiar with and excited about fresh produce. The program is designed to educate children 12 and under about fresh produce and the farm-to-fork concept.

  • LDS Hospital will be at 4 Markets this summer (Downtown, Sugar House, Liberty Park and Bountiful)
  • At the LDS Hospital booth at each market there will be an education activity each week.
  • Each child that completes the activity will earn a Produce Buck (worth $2 at the Farmers Market where it is earned)
  • The activities are different each week.
  • The Produce Bucks can be used at participating produce vendors at each market.
  • Activities take 3-5 minutes and include crafts, coloring, scavenger hunts, learning from farmers and more

Where to find LDS Hospital Produce Bucks this Summer:

Sugar House Farmers Market
Fairmont Park
5 – 8 p.m.
Starting in July

Bountiful Farmers Market
Bountiful Park
3 – 8 p.m.
Starting June 21st

Liberty Park Farmers Market
Liberty Park
4 p.m. to dusk
Starting June 8

Downtown Farmers Market
Pioneer Park
8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Starting June 9th