Ask the Expert: Importance of Immunizations

Ask the Expert - Immunizations - 6:52a

(KUTV) Parents want to do everything possible to keep their children healthy and protect them from getting sick. An important way to do this is with immunizations. Vaccines protect against potentially devastating diseases likes whooping cough, chicken pox, and even cancer.

“Immunization rates have fallen in the last few years, and consequently we’ve seen increases in preventable disease,” says Dave Duzy, Employee Health Coordinator at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital.

Choosing not to vaccinate a child not only puts your child at risk, but everyone around them who is also unprotected. This includes those who are too young or too sick to get vaccinated.

“Disease comes from everywhere. It’s not just in your local community. People travel in and out. You travel. You don’t know where your neighbor has been. You don’t know where that person standing next to you in the grocery store has been. So we recommend everybody get immunized,” says Duzy.

The C-D-C has a recommended immunization schedule. Talk with your pediatrician about each vaccine, and make sure you’re up to date.

“It’s important to stay on those schedules because the way they’re designed is to provide the maximum amount of immunity that you can get,” says Duzy.

Pay close attention because some vaccines are given in a series to generate more protection.

It’s not fun getting shots, especially for kids, but a little pinch could end up saving someone’s life.

“It’s worth a couple minutes of discomfort to prevent a potentially deadly disease,” says Duzy.