Baby Your Baby: Child abuse - how to report and help kids afterward

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There are a number of ways people can help children who are in abusive situations . (Photo: Pixaby)

Child abuse is a big issue in Utah. How can we do something about it?

Brooks Keeshin is a child abuse pediatrician and psychiatrist at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Primary Children’s Hospital. He stopped by to tell us how to report child abuse and help kids afterward.

If you’re worried about physical or sexual abuse, report it.

  • Reporting can be anonymous.
  • The threshold of reporting is a reasonable concern. You don’t have to be absolutely certain abuse has happened.
  • Anyone can make a report.
  • DCFS Hotline for child abuse reporting 1-855-323-DCFS

After a child experienced abuse, they can have behavioral or emotional changes, even PTSD. It’s important to recognize that, and to know that Utah has a number of services to immediately improve behavioral symptoms and help them to recover.

Where to find help:

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