Baby Your Baby: Healthy Beginnings & Preventing Preterm Birth

Baby Your Baby - Preventing Pre-Term Birth

(KUTV) Experts don't always know what causes preterm birth. However, as Cory Hutto, registered nurse and care manager with SelectHealth explains, we do know there are certain thing that can increase your risk of delivering early:

  • Carrying more than one baby
  • Infections
  • Problems with your Cervix
  • History of preterm birth
  • Tobacco and alcohol use
  • Substance abuse

If you had a baby born before 37 weeks, you are now at a higher risk for your next baby to arrive early. You should talk to your doctor about ways to reduce your risk of preterm birth in future pregnancies:

  • Wait at least 18 months before you get pregnant again. The longer you wait between pregnancies, the better your body will be able to heal
  • Birth control
  • Ask your doctor if you have a normal uterus and cervix. Problems with the uterus and cervix can cause preterm birth
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Optimize control of other health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions can cause problems during pregnancy if they are not well managed.
  • Get early and regular prenatal care. Most women should be seen by their 13th week of pregnancy
  • Medications can help prevent preterm birth

SelectHealth Healthy Beginnings is a prenatal care program for expectant mothers available at no cost to both commercial and Medicaid members. It works with the member's doctors to help them have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Once enrolled, the member is eligible for rewards when they see their doctor for regular exams:

  • The first prenatal exam prior to the 14th week of your pregnancy
  • A postpartum exam withing 50 days of your delivery date

Healthy Beginnings also provides:

  • Access to a registered nurse or a high-risk prenatal nurse care manager
  • Assistance in answering questions, offering emotional support, and providing referrals to community resources

Call 801-442-5052 for more information and to enroll in Healthy Beginnings.