Baby Your Baby: Hospital vs. Doctor's Office Circumcision

Baby Your Baby - Hospital vs In-Office Circumcisions

(KUTV) New parents face many decisions when it comes to the care of their newborn. One of the most personal decisions is circumcision. The American Academy of Pediatrics says overall the benefits of circumcision outweigh the associated risks.

“The main benefits include a decreased risk of urinary tract infection in the first year of life, decreased risk over their lifetime of penile cancer, and also sexually transmitted diseases,” says Dr. Carly Sorenson, a pediatrician at Intermountain Central Orem Pediatrics.

If parents choose circumcision, the next decision is where they want the procedure to take place – in the hospital or in the doctor’s office?

“Traditionally we do them in the hospital. Sometimes though there are some reasons that we either can’t do circumcision in the hospital or it’s better to wait,” says Dr. Sorenson.

These include things like:

- If the baby is premature and needs time to grow and develop

- If the baby is struggling with feeding

- Cost of the procedure depending on insurance coverage

- If parents prefer a calmer setting

For Brent Parker, the doctor’s office was an easier setting for him and his son Cecil. He felt it was less chaos and that was good for his baby.

To keep babies relaxed, they receive two forms of pain control – a numbing injection and a sugar water solution.

“That’s something that keeps them calm, it releases endorphins. It’s kind of a stress reliever and a pain reliever for them,” says Dr. Sorenson.

Brent says for his son, Cecil, the entire experience was smoother and faster than he was expecting.

“I don’t even think we were in here 10 minutes total. It seemed like they had been doing it forever because it was just as smooth as could be,” says Brent.

If parents choose to wait and decide they would like to do circumcision after their son is older than one month, they would be referred to a specialist like a urologist.

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