Baby Your Baby: How preparing food with your child can help develop good eating habits

Baby Your Baby - Valentine's Day treats you can make with your kids

(KUTV)-It’s Valentine’s Day and to make it special for the entire family you may want to consider an after dinner treat everyone can have a hand in preparing. While the dessert may be great, the preparation is an important part of child development in healthy eating habits.

Nutritionists at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital note kids are more likely to eat food they have a hand in preparing. It may also help with children who are picky eaters. Intermountain Healthcare Nutritionist Katie McDonald says preparing food with kids can help you instill healthier eating habits which can stay with kids for life.

McDonald says having sweets and treats is okay if it’s in moderation and smaller amounts. If you don’t teach kids how to moderate certain food when they’re young, then they tend to have unhealthy eating habits when they’re older.

When preparing food be sure to set aside time so it’s special, no need to rush. Find a food that fits your family’s parameters and try to keep it simple.

Ideas include using a cookie cutter to turn fruit or sandwiches into heart shaped food. For Valentine’s Day families can also try strawberries covered in yogurt, or lightly drizzled with chocolate.

Here are a few other ideas for making kid friendly recipes:

-Toddler Valentine trail mix for little ones to assemble

-Fruit, yogurt, granola parfaits

-An appetizer – avocado slices and tortilla hearts with tomato, olive, mozzarella ball kabobs

-Valentine Fruit kabobs/fruit salad

-Heart-shaped brownie with strawberries and whipped cream

-Popcorn with white chocolate drizzle and Valentine’s sprinkles