Baby Your Baby: Post-Birth Warning Signs

Baby Your Baby - Post-Birth Warning Signs

Most women who give birth recover without any problems. However, some woman can have complications after the birth of a baby. Nickee Palacios, the Health Promotion Coordinator at the Utah Department of Health stopped by to explain how learning to recognize post-birth warning signs, like shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, heavy bleeding or a headache that does not get better or a headache with vision changes, and knowing what to do can save a woman's life.

These warning signs can occur immediately after birth or up to a year after birth. It is important that a woman trust her instincts about her own health. If she feels that something is wrong or she does not feel normal, she should call her health care provider.

When talking to a health care provider it is important to tell them that you just had a baby. You can begin the conversation with, “I had a baby on (date) and I am having (specific symptoms).” This will alert the health care provider that a woman’s symptoms could be related to a recent pregnancy.

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