Baby Your Baby: Post-Pregnancy Birth Control

BYB: Post-Pregnancy Birth Control. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) After you have a baby, the last thing you’re likely thinking about is the next one. However, it’s a topic you should talk about with your provider because healthy pregnancy spacing is recommended. That means waiting at least 18-monts from the delivery of one baby before your next pregnancy. This allows the body the time it needs to properly recover.

“Growing a baby takes a lot of nutrients out of your body because you’re literally growing and maintaining two humans,” says Dr. Jennifer Parker, OBGYN at Sevier Valley Hospital.

Pregnancy spacing begins with a conversation about birth control. You can discuss this with your provider while you’re still pregnant. Take into consideration whether or not you plan to breastfeed.

“We know a little bit of estrogen in addition to progestin in your birth control can actually somewhat decrease your milk production,” says Dr. Parker.

Because of this, it’s best for breastfeeding moms to choose a progestin-only form of birth control.

“There are estrogen and progestin birth control pills as well as just a progestin-only,” says Dr. Parker.

Other options include: weekly patches, shots every 12 weeks, or a vaginal ring. These are all great options for women who can’t remember to take a pill everyday but want something that’s quickly reversible.

The next group of birth control includes long-acting but reversible options. This includes an arm implant that gets placed in the patient’s arm right in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia. There are also several types of Intrauterine Devices, also known as IUDs.

“They are inserted into the uterus. It can either be immediately after delivery or at the six-week visit,” says Dr. Parker.

If you know you’re done having kids and want a permanent form of birth control, talk with your provider. There are options such as tubal litigation that can sometimes even be done at the same time you give birth.

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