Baby Your Baby: Postnatal yoga

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Baby Your Baby: Postnatal yoga
(KUTV) For new mothers, figuring out a way to exercise can be challenging in more ways than one. A new mom is experiencing so many changes physically, emotionally, and logistically in her life. For one group of moms, the convenience of a postnatal yoga class is just the thing.

"They can get in a yoga practice that's designed for their bodies after birth, and they don't have to worry about leaving their babies before they're ready," says Alicia Poldino with Utah Prenatal Yoga.

Postnatal yoga isn't just for brand new moms, it's for any woman who is still healing and recovering from childbirth.

"We focus specifically on regaining the function of the pelvic floor, healing any abdominal separation, increasing core strength, and general fitness," says Poldino.

Moms say what they enjoy most about this kind of post-baby exercise is that it focuses specifically on the changes the body has gone through during the past nine months; and one of the biggest benefits is that they don't have to leave their little ones behind.

"It's nice to have something where you can bring them and not have to worry if they're disruptive," says Amy Lavoie.

"It's fun to do the class with her. Half of the time I'm going because I think it's a good experience for her," adds Kristen D'Acquisto.

For more information about Utah Prenatal Yoga and the postnatal yoga class, click here.

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