Check Your Health: Build Up Your Immune System

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(KUTV) Want to avoid getting sick this winter? Joy Musselman a registered dietitian at Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital stopped by KUTV to give a few tips of how to build up your immune system.

Building a good defense starts by focusing on over health year around - not just flu season. Make yourself a priority and take pride in eating smart, staying active, reducing stress, and getting adequate sleep.

To boost your immune system focus on including these types of food in your daily diet:

  • Eat highly colored fruits and vegetables including one source of Vitamin C each day.
  • Consume quality protein sources such as nuts, eggs, seafood, lean beef, and legumes.
  • Support a healthy gut by eating prebiotic and probiotic containing foods. Food sources of prebiotics (which help support healthy bacteria already in your gut) are whole wheat, whole grain oats, nuts, and bananas. Probiotics (which introduce healthy bacteria to the gut) are found in products that have live active cultures such as yogurt.

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