Check Your Health: Evaluating and improving your health

Check Your Health: Evaluating and improving your health
(KUTV) Improving your health means first, figuring out where you’re currently at. For Diane and Craig Shanklin, this meant using an in-depth physical to plan and track their exercise, activity, and mental health progress.

“We’ve been retired for 15 years, and I think we spend 23 hours a day together,” says Diane.

The Shanklins share many interests, including staying physically fit. They frequently bike ride, swim, and even do triathlons together.

“We live a very active, healthy lifestyle, but we’re not getting any younger either,” says Diane.

However, they wanted to get a good picture at what their health looked like and find ways to improve. Recently, they underwent Dixie Regional’s Executive Health Exam together as a couple.

“Anytime you can benchmark your health and wellness and your fitness, it really helps guide you throughout your life to stay fit and stay well and healthy,” says Joel Deceuster, Dixie Regional LiVe Well Center.

This exam is an extended, in-depth physical. It takes six hours, visits with multiple health professionals, and looks at your overall health from head to toe.

“They end up at the end of the day, walking away with a binder full of information about their health and wellbeing,” says Deceuster.

Even though they each have their own individual health goals, the exam creates a personalized plan they can do together as a couple.

“We find that when I’m not motivated to do something that day or to get off the couch, she’s usually the one to say let’s go do it or vice versa so it works well to have a partner,” says Craig.

They’ve focused on modifying their diet by incorporating more protein and, as frequent travelers, figured out how to stay active while on vacation.

“They put together for us an incredible workout that you can do in your hotel room. It’s a tough workout, in 30 minutes, in your hotel room,” says Craig.

After the exam, they also have monthly follow up phone calls to see how things are going, talk about any new issues, and make any necessary changes.

If anyone is looking to improve their overall health, Diane and Craig say this type of evaluation can help create a plan moving forward.

“If you want to live a longer, healthier life, it’s worth the six hours,” says Diane.

For more information about Dixie Regional’s Executive Health Exam, click here.