Check Your Health: Get Ready to Shred, Ski Conditioning Class

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Get Ready to Shred, Ski Conditioning Class

(KUTV) Before we know it, ski season will officially kick-off. The question is, “Are you ready?” If not, a ski conditioning class can help make sure both your mind and body are ready for opening day.

“The goal is to get your ready to be on the mountain,” says Katie Guyer, Physical Therapist at Intermountain Heber Valley Hospital.

The “Get Ready to Shred” class focuses on addressing and improving ski-specific fitness. Everyone in the class has a different goal. Some want to feel faster, stronger, and more prepared; others want to be able to go from top to bottom without taking a break.

“I decided I probably better get serious about this if I want to get on the slopes,” says Tad Tholstrom, a class participant.

Tad has torn his ACL twice. The most recent time was playing basketball. He’s focusing on preparing his body, specifically his knees, for skiing.

“Nothing crazy you know, probably greens to start, but I really need to strengthen the musculature around my knee,” says Tad.

For Joanne O’Brien, it’s about building confidence.

“Years ago I was in a ski accident. I was hit from behind and that was – mentally that really challenged me,” says Joanne.

Her goal is to feel prepared, confident, stronger, while also reducing her chances of injury.

The class begins with a warmup that includes some cardio and movement prep. Movement prep involves taking your joints and muscles through the movements that you anticipate will or could happen during your sport. This is good for any physical activity, whether it’s an exercise class, or before heading up the mountain.

Next, they work on muscle strength, specifically hamstrings, quads, core, and hips before transitioning into agility and plyometrics.

“Can you move quickly? Can you explode? Do you have the power output both if you accidentally take a jump or intentionally take a jump,” says Guyer.

Building your fitness while still on flat ground helps avoid possible injuries while also improving performance on the slopes.

The next “Get Ready to Shred” class begins Tuesday, November 13th. The session lasts six weeks, includes two 1-hours classes per week, and take place at Heber Valley Hospital.

For more information and to sign-up, click here.

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