Check Your Health: Healthy Thanksgiving

Check Your Health - Healthy Thanksgiving

Feeling Stuffed? This year have your goal to feel satisfied not stuffed by adding a couple of new recipes and strategies to your Thanksgiving meal. Judy Harris with the Utah Department of Health has some tips on how to make your Thanksgiving a little bit healthier.

• Feeling fully satisfied, not fully stuffed

o Thanksgiving is THE day to not need to make excused for overeating. We all want to feel we can do that without guilt. Some ideas to still feel fully satisfied rather than fully stuffed include a little planning regarding your meals. It also may mean to be mindful of what you day will look like as well.

• Recipes ideas

o Altering old recipes without compromising the taste is one idea. Adding a new recipe with familiar and popular foods is another. Google ideas on healthy websites such as……

• Adding physical activity to balance out the day

o Being mindful of what you day will look like includes the activities you plan for the day. Have you thought about going outside between the snacks and the “second” round at the dinner table? Do you have games that require standing or movement for all ages? A few examples will be shared.