Check Your Health: Intraoperative MRI Helps Neurosurgeons Safely Remove Tumors

Check Your Health - iMRI Suite

(KUTV) The Intraoperative MRI (iMRI) suite is a brand new tool at Dixie Regional Medical Center that’s changing the way brain surgery is performed. In this area, a metal door is all that separates brain surgery from MRI.

“This is a suite that allows neurosurgeons or brain surgeons to take a little bit of a different approach to patients and individualize their tumor surgeries,” says Dr. Jotham Manwaring, Director of Neurosurgery at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

The iMRI allows surgeons to remove a tumor safely by getting an updated picture of what the tumor looks like in the middle of surgery.

“They can actually move the patient, still under anesthesia, over to the MRI Suite, take some pictures, make sure that all of the tumor is removed, if it’s not then they can go back and remove more,” explains Darrell Hinton, Imaging Manager at Dixie Regional Medical Center.

Brain tumors are tricky to remove because of how and where they grow. This new tool helps surgeons remove as much of a tumor as possible, without jeopardizing vital areas of the brain.

“It’s all about patient safety. It’s about safety with the tumor resection. It’s about safety with getting new imaging,” says Dr. Manwaring.

Not only can this MRI machine be used during surgery, it’s also used for outpatients.

“We have it set up so we can do outpatient imaging and with those we can do anything. We can do brains, backs, spines – we can do anything with this magnet.

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