Check Your Health: Knowing Your Body Composition

Check Your Health: Knowing Your Body Composition (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A Bod Pod test can more accurately measure what your body is made of than the traditional bathroom scale. If you’re like Mae Hayes and are starting an exercise program, getting a baseline Bod Pod test of where you’re currently at can be very helpful to measure progress.

“I took a couple of years off for health reasons and so I kind of wanted to know where I was at and how much muscle I had lost over that time,” says Mae.

The Bod Pod looks at your body’s mass and volume to determine your density.

“This measurement is really good honestly for anyone who is interested in just getting a baseline of where you’re at,” says Suzanne Walton, exercise therapist at Utah Valley Hospital’s LiVe Well Center.

Bod Pods differentiate between your body’s fat mass and lean mass. Lean mass incorporates your muscles, bones, tissues, organs, blood, etc.

Many people rely on the bathroom scale to track progress, but that doesn’t always tell the full story.

“With a scale, that’s just going to give you a flat number, and it doesn’t take into account the differentiation between the weight of muscle versus fat,” says Walton.

The Bod Pod tracks more than just fat loss. You can also look at muscle gain if that’s what you’re lacking.

“It gives me some room to make goals and to learn how to lift weights more and maybe just get a better fitness program for myself that doesn’t just include running and cycling,” says Mae.

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