Check Your Health: Maintain, don't gain this holiday season

Check Your Health - Holiday Food

(KUTV) — Another holiday party full of tasty food! However, eating poorly can have adverse effects on your mood, energy, concentration, ability to multitask, and much more. Judy Harris with the Utah Department of Health has some tips to keep yourself feeling good during this fun but often hectic time of the year.

Enjoy smaller meals earlier in the day or before that holiday party – especially if you know they won’t have healthy foods there!

Bring your own favorite and healthier food dish!

Talk with others attending the party and build in some healthy options.

Don’t arrive hungry – just like grocery shopping when hungry

Look over the foods and see first what they have. Then plan a plate based on the best choices. Allow yourself 1 treat but not 2, 3 or 4 or.more!

Create distance between you and the buffet table or snack tables.

Hang out where the healthier foods are.

Keep yourself active in conversation and catching up with friends and family. After all, that is why you are there right?

Quality over quantity. Be picky about what you put in your body. Have a nice piece of good quality of chocolate to melt in your mouth as opposed to a larger piece of a poor quality counter store waxy candy bar

Just like borrowing money, you still have to pay it back with watching your weight after indulging.

As you go through the holiday season, set the goal to maintain, don't gain. Set yourself up for success in the New Year and make your holiday season less stressful by being active and eating healthy.