Check Your Health: Managing Sciatic Nerve Pain with Exercise

Managing Sciatic Nerve Pain with Exercise

(KUTV) Chronic pain such as sciatic nerve pain can slow you down and make daily tasks extremely painful. One of the biggest keys to help manage pain, is movement. For 83-year-old, Mary Wallace, sciatic nerve pain started in her lower-back and went all the way down her leg.

“Sometimes the pain could be so severe that it was on the bottom and the top of my foot,” says Wallace.

To help manage the pain, doctors recommended movement and stretching classes at Dixie Regional’s LiVe Well Center.

“I got so much better that I didn’t feel the pinch anymore,” says Wallace.

After six months, she moved into a class to focus on her balance and mobility.

“She was working on how to keep her balance better, how to walk better, how to exercise in general,” says Ryan Otterson, Exercise Physiologist at Dixie Regional’s LiVe Well Center.

Mary improved gradually and made her exercise homework a priority.

“She was doing really well in this class and every week I could see her improving, and I think the improvements really picked up when she started to exercise on her own,” says Otterson.

Her homework includes making time for challenging walks 3-4 times a week. These walks help improve her balance while also managing her sciatic nerve pain.

Her continued progress has now moved her into a more difficult exercise class where exercise physiologists are able to tailor exercises to keep Mary pain free.

“I’m on tougher classes now, and I’m at the bottom of the rail again. I’m at the bottom of the totem pole but gradually I’m doing better,” says Wallace.

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