Check Your Health: Pre-Season Ski/Snowboard Conditioning

Check Your Health - Pre-Season Ski Conditioning

(KUTV) The weather is changing which means snow will soon cover the mountains. This is exciting news for Utahns who enjoy hitting the slopes. Chad Allred, a physical therapist at Utah Valley Hospital stopped by KUTV to go over what people can do NOW to get into ski/snowboarding shape.

Being physically ready for the demands of skiing/snowboarding will:

• Decrease your risk of being injured

• Improve your skiing/snowboarding ability

• Improve enjoyment

What types of exercises?

• Cardiovascular – Cycling, slide board training, rollerblading. Incorporate activities that include lateral or cutting actions

• Strength – Quads, inner and out thigh, glut med and max. 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions

• Flexibility – Quads and hip flexors (front thigh), inner and outer thigh, calves, hamstrings (back thigh), back muscles.