Check Your Health: Preventing concussions

Check Your Health - Preventing concussions

Concussions are not limited to athletes. Amanda Stewart, physical therapist at Intermountain Physical Therapy Lehi , stopped by to remind people that concussions can happen in any situation: wake boarding, long boarding, car accidents, swimming in the pool, yard/housework, and any other activity where you risk hitting your head. She also talked about how to recognize and treat a concussion if you or someone else is affected.

How do you know you have a concussion/ what to watch for?

When should you seek help after a head injury?

  • An individual may seem fine right after an accident but symptoms can come on days after the incident

What does treatment look like after a concussion or head injury?

  • Concussions are mild brain injuries and should be taken very serious. Rest is one of the most important things you can due to help your brain heal.