Check Your Health: Women & Weightlifting

(KUTV) When you think of a weightlifter you may not picture a mother of four, a medical student, or a cancer survivor; but that’s exactly who is taking part in the Olympic sport. It’s a sport that until 15 years ago was only for the boys is now becoming more and more popular among women.

Weightlifting consists of two barbell lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. The sport also has a unique mindset when it comes to exercise.

“We don’t have mirrors in our gym. It’s not about body composition. It’s not about losing weight,” says Debbie Carroll, President of the Utah Weightlifting Association and owner and coach of Praxis Olympic Weightlifting Center.

Two-time national champion and mother of four, Brittany Riesenberg adds, “It’s less now about the number on the scale and more about being healthy and fit.”

Weightlifting isn’t just about strength, power and flexibility; the Olympic sport has the ability to empower women.

“You start to feel stronger and you realize that you can do really hard things, that you’re capable of reaching goals,” says Carroll.

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