Fresh Start to Fitness: Tips & Exercises for Weight Loss

Fresh Start 2 Fitness - Tips & Exercises for Weight Loss
There are a variety of different factors that go into weight loss in conjunction with proper diet and daily exercise and it is something that should be gradual, according to Jeffrey Beck, exercise specialist with the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray.

Beck recommends that people consider the following lifestyle changes when starting your journey toward improving your overall wellbeing and maintaining a healthy weight indefinitely.

1) Minimize Stress: Unfortunately, stress is impossible to avoid in life. When we experience tense or stressful times, our body releases the hormone cortisol which increases insulin levels, causing our blood sugar to drop and leave us craving sugary and fatty foods. This can also lead to over eating. Apart from removing yourself from unnecessary stressful situations, try taking up meditation, exercising regularly and surrounding yourself with positive people to help deal with daily stress.

2) Weight Training: Cardiovascular exercise is important to do, but weight training is also a key component to maintaining a healthy weight. Lean muscle mass requires a certain amount of calories per pound in order to maintain, which means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you can consume without it turning strictly into fat. Be sure to add weight lifting to your daily exercise regimen.

3) Consistency and Discipline: Breaking the habit of being sedentary and eating poorly are hard to do, but now you're dedicated to losing weight and making lifestyle changes, Beck notes.

He says you need to make exercise a familiar part of your daily routine so start by getting up and going outside for a 5-10 minute walk. That's it! The human body isn't designed to remain seated all day.

Our bodies want to move, they are meant to move and when you start doing it consistently each day, you will feel better. Once you learn and adopt this new behavior, other good habits and behaviors will follow and before you know it, you'll become a better version of yourself, Beck said.