Fresh Start to Fitness: Winter Medicine Ball Routine

Fresh Start 2 Fitness - Winter Medicine Ball Routine

The wintry weather is upon us, which makes leaving the comfort of couch in front of your fireplace quite unappealing. Good thing you don't have to go anywhere to complete the following exercise routine! All you need is a partner, a medicine ball and an ugly sweater (optional)!

1) Jump Toss: Face your partner and stand at least six feet apart from each other. One person holds the medicine ball while both of you perform a squat. Explode up and into the air, tossing the ball to the other person. Catch the ball and repeat the sequence. Do 10 reps per person and complete 3 sets.

2) Over The Shoulder Heave: Stand at least 10 feet away from your partner, your back toward them and holding a medicine ball. Twist to your left and throw the ball to your partner over your left shoulder. The partner catches the ball and throws it back. Catch it from your left side and then twist to your right and throw it back over your right shoulder. Repeat this sequence until you do ten reps total. Switch with your partner and complete 3 sets.

3) Side Lunge Toss: Stand at least 10 feet away from your partner, both of you facing forward. The person holding the medicine ball performs a side lunge while twisting down to the floor of the outstretched leg. Then, the person flings the ball to their partner on the upward phase. The partner catches the ball and does the same move. Repeat the movement until 10 reps per person have been completed, then switch sides. Complete 3 sets.