Inside the Story: 14-year-old cowboy poet bringing back the Old West

Inside the Story: 14-year-old cowboy poet bringing back the Old West{ } (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A teenage cowboy is wowing crowds with his master cowboy poetry skills.

Thatch Elmer has been doing cowboy poetry since he was nine years old.

He considers himself a genuine, old-fashioned cowboy.

"Cowboys are good, wholesome people and that's just the way we are," he said.

Elmer started started doing cowboy poetry when he got a chance to perform at a cowboy poetry gathering in Heber.

"I said a little cowboy poetry and people enjoyed it, picked up on it, and it's kind of grown ever since then," he said.

Since then, Elmer has become a nationally recognized and professional cowboy poet, performing in hundreds of shows across the country.

For him, it's about bringing back the Old West.

"It's not really the poetry. It's the meaning behind the poetry and displaying the Western way of life to people who don't think there are cowboys anymore," Elmer said.

Cowboy poetry reportedly started during the Old West cattle drives, as cowboys were sitting around the fire telling stories.

Telling those classic poems is Elmer's specialty.

"Because I like to preserve our history and our traditions," he said.

Elmer has about 50 poems memorized, which means he could perform an hour and a half show by memory. He practices every day.

Elmer is expected to appear at a number of upcoming events:

July 21st: St. Charles, Idaho

August 9-12: Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering

August 18th: Bear Lake County Fair

If you want to book Elmer at an event, you can call 307-677-1648.

You can also find him on his website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel.