Inside the Story: Behind the scenes at Evermore Park

Inside the Story: A behind-the-scenes of Evermore Park (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — An interactive and live theatrical park will soon open its doors in Pleasant Grove.

It's called Evermore.

"Evermore is not a theme park," said Ken Bretschneider, Evermore's founder and creator. "What it is, is a living, theatrical, experience park."

Bretschneider has been dreaming of a medieval park like this—complete with villages and artifacts from hundreds of years ago—since boyhood.

Now, it's about to become a reality, after five years of work.

"I've had this in me since I was five years old," he said. "I loved Walt Disney and what he wanted to create."

The idea behind the park is to give the public an interactive experience, similar to being in a video game or virtual reality. Except here, it's all real.

"It's a giant stage and you go onto that stage and you get a live experience inside of it," explained Bretschneider. "It ends up going into a festival environment where you get to free roam inside the festival."

The 11-acre park does not have any rides, but has three different seasons.

The first is called Lore, which is geared toward Halloween.

The second season is Aurora, a Christmas theme.

And the third is called Mythos, and will be filled with magic and dragons.

"We are all about immersion," said Troy Larson, shop foreman at Evermore. "We want the public to feel like they've entered a world—they've forgotten the rest of the world."

Evermore hopes to give people an escape from the sometimes doom and gloom of the real world.

"I grew up in a really tough situation, and escapism became very important to me. Being able to go into something magical was really an important thing to me," Bretschneider said.

Bretschneider hopes it will also be really important to others as he brings Evermore to life.

"I want to make it so real that you come in here and you start believing that it's real. That's the trick," he said.

The park is set to have a soft opening on Saturday. It was originally planned for Thursday.

For those who purchased tickets for Thursday or Friday, tickets will still work for Saturday and beyond.

Guests can follow a tour or wander on their own.

For tickets and other information, visit the Evermore website.