Inside the Story: Cakes made from scratch turn into sweet business for Utah mother

Inside the Story: Cakes made from scratch turn into sweet business for Utah mother (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) If there's one place in the house Courtney Rich loves to be in, it's the kitchen.

"It never gets old," Rich said.

When you find her in the kitchen, she will likely be baking a cake.

"I have probably baked hundreds of cakes over the years," she said.

And she has turned her cake-making skills into a social media sensation. She has tens of thousands of followers, and has made dozens of TV appearances.

Her cakes are exquisite masterpieces made from scratch.

"I have a churro cake that I love," Rich said. "I have a honey pear cake."

Her love of cake started when the young mother of two baked her very first cake from scratch for her son's first birthday party.

"I had a bite and my life was changed," she recalled. "It tasted so good it made a lasting impression."

Rich then started doing her own testing, tasting, and experimenting with recipes.

Then about three years ago, she kicked off her signature business, Cake by Courtney.

"I don't think people get it, because we've all grown up on box cakes," she said. "But a cake from scratch is just life-changing."

She has some advice for those wanting to start "from scratch."

"Worry about the taste first, and then the look and the technique and the design that comes along kind of down the road," she said.

Rich has gotten so popular with her recipes and videos, that she has put her house up for sale so she can get a bigger kitchen to meet her needs.

But her business isn't about selling cakes for her. She doesn't take cake orders.

"That's not the fun part for me," she explained. "The thing that makes it my passion and what I love about it is the creative side of it and sharing it with other people."

She finds joy in showing others what she has learned.

"I would do the trial and error and help them figure out an easier way to decorate and bake a cake," she said.

Rich also teaches cake-making classes.

Her dream is to one day have her own cooking show--like Rachael Ray.

For more about Cake by Courtney, visit her website.