Inside the Story: 11-year- old chef and CEO making a name for herself

Inside the Story: 11-year- old chef & CEO making a name for herself (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Local chef Penelope Lorenzana is making her mark in the culinary world -- and she's only 11 years old.

But, you'd never guess her age by the meals she is dishing up.

"I love to cook," she said.

Chef Moppy, as she is called, already has seven years of experience.

She has already graduated from the Park City Culinary Institute, a top culinary program for people typically 18 years old and older.

It started when Lorenzana was just two, when she saw the animated movie, "Ratatouille."

"The motto in that movie is 'anyone can cook,' so that inspired me," she said.

So she got cooking, and her parents signed her up for a young chef's academy class. Soon, she was known as Chef Moppy, because of how she used to pronounce her name.

"When I was little I couldn't say my name," she said. "So I would say 'Pa-moppy,' so that got shortened to Moppy."

Chef Moppy has already traveled the country -- and world -- learning from the best of the best.

"I like to do savory -- so dinners and lunches and things like that," she said.

She also has her own YouTube channel, where she hopes to inspire other kids to learn how to cook.

"I would tell them you're not too young and you're not too small," she said.

For Lorenzana, there's just something fulfilling when she's created that perfect dish.

"When you are done, people try it. Hopefully they like it and then it makes me feel good."

And it's not just all about cooking. Lorenzana also has the title of CEO for her company, which makes chef knives for kids.

"Chef knives for adults are made for an adult hand, not a kid hand," she said.

After searching the market for a high quality knife that would fit in her hand, she realized there wasn't one.

So she made one herself.

Chef Moppy hopes to own a restaurant as a teenager or be a celebrity chef on TV.

But for now, she is in the process of teaching cooking classes for kids.

If you want to follow Chef Moppy, you can visit her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram @chefmoppy.