Inside the Story: Davis High's 'band man' will retire after 30 years

Inside the Story: Davis High's 'band man' will retire after 30 years (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A popular and talented band director is stepping down after 30 years of carrying the baton.

He spent 28 of those years at Davis High School.

"It's pretty crazy," Steven Hendricks said. " It seems like yesterday that I started."

Hendricks started teaching at 24 years old at Carbon County High School in Price.

Two years later, he came to Davis High where one principal gave him the nickname "the Band Man."

"He never once referred to me by name; it was always, 'Oh, there's the band man,'" he recalled.

Since then, Hendricks' band has won hundreds of awards and performed in the Rose Bowl.

The pinnacle of his career just happened this past November when he and 300 of his students traveled to New York City to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"It's such a unique experience and such a wonderful opportunity," Hendricks said. "Performing on that big of a stage in front of 60-million people on TV worldwide really sets your program apart."

But as wonderful as his experiences and awards have been, for Hendricks it all boils down to being an instrument in changing kids' lives.

"He's an amazing guy," said Emma Blake, one of his students.

"His mission is to not only help us be good musicians, but better people as well," said student Robert Twogood.

According to Hendricks, that's where you measure success.

"It's the kids. It's knowing that you provided a place for them that is safe place where they could make friends," Hendricks said.

That's why it will be so difficult for this "Band Man" to say goodbye.

"I've put in a lot of hours here and I've taught thousands of kids," he said. "I guarantee you I will be shedding a lot of tears."

Hendricks plans to continue teaching music in a different kind of way through band clinics and do some competition judging as well.

His last day will be the on the last day of classes in June.