Inside the Story: Record store full of music, memories for former rocker and his wife

Inside the Story: Record store full of music, memories for former rocker and his wife (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Vinyl records are making a comeback in a big way, according to one old school record store in Salt Lake City.

Michael Maccarrone, 56, runs Sound & Vision Vinyl.

"I have the dream job," he said.

Memories come alive for Maccarrone every day, all through records at the store.

"It's an audio photograph instead of having an album of pictures shown to me," he said. "It's memories of my past."

It was music that changed Maccarrone's life at 15 years old.

He heard a song by the Sex Pistols and he was hooked.

For the next 32 years, he ran ten different music stores in New York.

Along the way, he started up his own punk rock band called Dead Virgins.

"Within a year and a half of teaching myself, I had a record out in a couple countries with my band," he recalled.

Fast forward to 2010, when he reconnected with a woman on Facebook he had met at a punk rock bar in 1980 in New York.

Pam Lancaster was once the head of makeup and wardrobe at MTV. She remembers their meeting well.

"He would greet me, pick me up, swing me around, hug me, and send my on my way because I actually had a boyfriend," Lancaster said.

The two eventually met up in Utah and on October 16, 2015, they opened up Sound & Vision Vinyl.

"Pam made my dream come true," Maccarrone said. "I've been trying to open up my store since I was 16."

The store sells old school vinyl records, but the couple believes the records are making a big comeback.

"It's like going to the movies," Maccarrone explained. "It's an audio movie for you to enjoy."

"It's a really big business again," said Lancaster. "I know it's shocking when you are not connected to that."

Over the years the two have met dozens of famous rock stars, like David Bowie.

But their true joy still happens inside the record store, where Maccarrone keeps a few exclusive mementos of his past--which are not for sale.

"There's some stuff I need to keep for myself." he said.

Maccarrone's collection is at about 3,000 records, but he says if he doesn't have the record you want, he can find a way to get it.

For more about Sound & Vision Vinyl, you can visit the store's website.

It is located at 3444 South Main Street in Salt Lake City.