Inside the Story: Utah coffee shop offers opportunities for people with disabilities

Inside the Story: Utah coffee shop offers opportunities for people with disabilities

(KUTV) Tucked away in a corner of the the Park City Library is a brand new coffee shop.

It's called Lucky Ones Coffee, where each of the 14 employees have some sort of disability.

"We wanted to make it a place where they are proud and excited to come to work," said Katie Holyfield, who owns the shop with her friend Taylor Matkins.

Holyfield and Matkins have been working out this business plan for more than a year.

Both work at the National Ability Center in Park City and wanted to find a way to help those with disabilities find work.

"This is something that is a nationwide problem," said Holyfield. "70 percent of people with disabilities are unemployed."

They named the shop "Lucky Ones" because they feel they are lucky to work with their employees.

"We feel that we are really blessed to work with these individuals and we've gained great friendships and great experiences spending so much time with them," said Matkins.

One of their employees includes Tommy Stuart, 34. He has loved learning to greet customers and making lattes.

"I like the owners because they are cute," Stuart smiled.

Holyfield and Matkins hope other business owners will take notice of what they're doing and see the benefits of hiring those with disabilities.

"You will find they work really hard, and they are excited to come back to work every day, which not everyone is," said Matkins.

"You come in for a cup of coffee and you walk out with a smile on your face," said Holyfield.

Lucky Ones Coffee officially opened on March 17th.

Employees range in age from 15 years old to 45 years old, and have a range of disabilities.

For more information, visit the Lucky Ones Coffee website.