Inside the Story: Woman's painting brings healing to victims of national tragedy

Inside the Story: Woman's painting brings healing to victims of national tragedy (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A local artist emotionally impacted by the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas is bringing hope through a new painting.

During most hours of the day, you will find Angela Reichman being a mom to her two young boys.

But during her "me time," you'll find her in a makeshift art studio in her garage.

"It's just something I've always really loved," she said.

Reichman classifies herself as a "figure and portrait painter."

She has painted dozens of portraits over her years as a professional artist.

But nothing she's done so far has had such a powerful impact as her latest piece of art.

"It's the called 'The Homecoming,'" Reichman told Dan Rascon. It depicts people coming home to the heavenly arms of family members.

She was inspired by the tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 people dead.

"When they left this world, I really believe that they had family and friends and people who loved them, rushing in to greet them to bring them to their eternal home," she explained.

The inspiration also came from other disasters and tragic events like hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.

Emotionally, it was almost too much for Reichman to take in.

"Just overwhelming, the amount of sorrow that human kind suffers," she said.

That's when she went to work.

"I wanted to show something hopeful," she explained.

The inspiration came without any sketches or drawings.

"It wasn't really planned like my other paintings are," she said.

In a matter of just five hours, "The Homecoming" was complete.

"They are having a homecoming reception. Their loved ones pulling them in," Reichman said as she explained the painting.

Reichman recognizes that what happened in Las Vegas and other areas is "terrible."

But, "I don't think this life is the end," she said.

Reichman never imagined what would happen next with "The Homecoming."

The painting went viral, and her social media sites lit up.

"It has just reached a far wider audience than I ever anticipated," she said.

She even started getting orders from those directly affected by the shooting.

"The first time someone ordered for someone that was affected, I just cried because I couldn't believe that it was reaching those people," she said.

Reichman doesn't believe she can even take credit for the piece.

"I was the instrument. God was the inspiration. He was the artist. He just needed a tool to get the painting out there," she said.

This isn't about making money for Reichman. She is just breaking even on the $15 prints of "The Homecoming."

She's also received some requests for originals.

If you are interested in "The Homecoming" or her other work, visit her website.