Inside the Story: Yoga classes let you stretch and meditate surrounded by animals

Inside the Story: Yoga classes let you stretch and mediate surrounded by animals (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Breathing, stretching, and meditation are all part of your standard yoga session.

But a new class at the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper offers something even more fascinating--sharks.

"Yoga with the Sharks" comes once a month to the aquarium's 300,000-gallon shark tank.

And if the massive fish don't interest you, you can also try "Rainforest Yoga."

"This is truly a dream come true to be able to, not just have people come and do yoga with sharks, but me so I can do yoga around these amazing creatures," said Amanda Jones, creator and instructor of the yoga classes.

Jones' journey to the aquarium started when she herself was seeking peace and serenity.

Jones brought her one-year-old son to the aquarium about a year-and-a-half ago.

They were enjoying the peacefulness of the shark tunnel when the idea came to do yoga with the sharks.

"I was recovering from post-partum depression," Jones explained. "This was kind of my happy place with my son, and that was the first time I felt peace in a long time."

She went home and wrote the proposal that same day.

Now, her dream is a reality and people are lining up an hour before the session to get a good spot.

"Yoga is all about the mood and the sharks definitely make a difference," said Natalie Wagstaff, who attends yoga session multiple times a week.

Another participant, Melanie Stanley said the shark tank "gives you something to focus on. It's really, really peaceful."

According to aquarium employees, studies show the sights and sounds of nature actually heal the soul.

"It does an amazing job at helping you relax and feel at peace with yourself and in a way, feel more connected with the environment around you," said Brent Beardsley, the Public Programs Manager at the aquarium.

If you are interested in attending either Yoga with the Sharks or Rainforest Yoga, you can purchase tickets on the Living Planet Aquarium's website.