Viewers pay off over $460,000 in medical debt so far

Money Medical Debt (Photo: KUTV/Jay Hancock)

(KUTV) KUTV is paying off medical debt and you can help.

As a Get Gephardt investigation showed, delinquent debt can be bought up for pennies on the dollars. For every dollar we raise, we can pay off about $100 in debt.

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As of Thursday (5/17) morning, viewers contributed a total of $4,615.60. That will pay off an additional $461,560 in medical debt for Utahans.

That brings our initiative so far to a total of $17,115.60, which translates into $1,711,560 in debt will be washed away for folks in Utah who can't afford it.

If your debt gets paid, you'll get a yellow envelope in the mail with KUTV, Get Gephardt and RIP Medical Debt’s logos on it. If you get a letter, we kindly ask that you let our Get Gephardt team know about it by calling (801) 839-1250 or you can send an email to