Pay it Forward: Beautiful Heart Slime

Pay it Forward: Beautiful Heart Slime (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Have you heard of slime?

It's a new trend for kids, and it's similar to Gak or Silly Puddy.

And 12-year-old Alexa Wheeler spends a lot of time making the stuff in her family's South Jordan basement.

"You can pick like your color, and then I have scents, and you can scent it," Wheeler said.

Wheeler has been selling her concoctions on Etsy. She calls it "Beautiful Heart Slime."

"I've sold about like 200 already," she said.

Beautiful Heart Slime is more than just an entrepreneurial endeavor for Wheeler.

She's also doing it for her little brother, LJ.

"At two months old, he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart," explained Kendra Wheeler, Alexa's mom. "It's pretty scary, but we're glad that they can fix it."

LJ will soon need open heart surgery to repair the heart defect.

So, Wheeler donates half of the money she makes from her slime sales to organizations like the American Heart Association and Intermountain Healing Hearts.

"Since he has a hole in his heart, I just thought if I could sell it then I could donate the money to help him and people that have it like him," she said.

Wheeler has done most of the work herself to get this business, and charity, off the ground.

"So proud of her. She's a really good kid," said her mom.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to Beautiful Heart Slime so Wheeler could continue making her slime.

If you're interested in her slime, you can visit her Etsy shop or Facebook page. Wheeler also posts cool slime videos on Instagram. Just follow @beautifulheartslime.