Pay it Forward: Herding Haven

Kathie Beals plays fetch with Forrest, who she eventually adopted. He was born without back feet and was recently given prosthetics (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Many dogs are left to die in shelters because they have disabilities and no one wants to adopt them.

Kathie Beals, who is a University of Utah professor, has made it her life's work to give these animals they care they need and find them a forever home.

"Being able to help them become the amazing dogs that I know they can be is like nothing else," Beals said.

She founded Herding Haven two and a half years ago. She rescues the dogs from shelters where they have been deemed "unadoptable" because they have a physical handicap or behavioral issues.

Beals takes the dogs to her home, or gives them to a foster family to help socialize them.

"It's made me see how compassionate people are to all these little guys that really do need a home," said Holly Isaac, who helps foster the dogs.

While in Herding Haven's care, the dogs are given medical help, one-on-one care, and any needed training before they're ready for adoption.

"I usually take the particularly difficult behavior cases myself," Beals said.

Beals has seen a lot of lives transformed, including her own adopted dog, Forrest. He was born without back feet and eventually received prosthetics.

If the dogs need medical care, like special surgeries, Beals will raise the money needed to pay the cost. But she spends a lot of her money and resources on everything else for the animals.

"We go through a lot of food, a lot of toys," Beals said.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help Herding Haven take care of more dogs.

Beals encourages everyone to help foster these dogs, or even give them a forever home.

For more about how to help, and for a list of dogs that are ready for adoption, please visit the Herding Haven website.