Pay it Forward: Humanitarian group is showing the power of 100 people to do good

Pay it Forward: Humanitarian group is showing the power of 100 people to do good (Photo courtesy 100 Humanitarians International)

(KUTV) 100 Humanitarians International is a group of volunteers and entrepreneurs working together to do good in the world.

Heidi Totten started it two and a half years ago after a trip to Kenya.

"My heart was blown wide open," Totten said. "I was like, 'I've got to do something.'"

She calls it an experiment to help people all over the world.

"Answering the question, 'What is the power of 100 people working together on any project in the world to create positive change,'" Totten explained.

100 Humanitarians International has several "pillars" it focuses on--with many projects currently happening in Kenya.

"You always say, 'change Africa,'" Totten said. "Africa changes you."

One project is working with the Days for Girls program.

Earlier this month, 100 Humanitarians held a Sew-a-Thon to sew underwear to send in Days for Girls kits for young women in Kenya

"Because often they're in really rural areas. It's not like they can just run to Walmart," said Totten.

The underwear pattern is simple and is made from t-shirts. The local business And Sew On also donated some materials.

The pattern will be given to women in Kenya so they can make it themselves as well.

"That gives them something else that they can do over there to earn an income," said Marissa Waldrop, who created the pattern.

Waldrop has provided the pattern if anyone want to sew underwear to be sent to Kenya. She will donate a pattern to African for every one purchased.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help support this project and more.

For more information on 100 Humanitarians International and its projects, visit the group's website.