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Lynda Brown created the KidsEat! foundation when she realized many children at the Boys and Girls Club often did not eat during the weekends.
It's estimated that one out of every five children living in Utah goes hungry each day. It's a startling statistic that made Lynda Brown want to do something about it.

Lynda is a 20-year volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club in Murray. She realized that many children enjoying this great facility were not eating between the time they left Friday and returned Monday. Many of their parents struggle to put food on the table. And while the children are part of school lunch and breakfast programs the weekend was a time without food.

Lynda created KidsEat!. The non-profit foundation provides backpacks filled with seven meals to students so they have food all weekend. Lynda says KidsEat! feeds some 50 children a week now, she predicts that number will climb to 150 by this time next year.

All of the food provided by KidsEat! comes from donations and out of Lynda's own pocket. Because of all the hard work by Lynda and her volunteers, KidsEat! is this week's Pay It Forward recipient.

You can learn more about helping KidsEats online at

Learn more about the Boys and Girls Club and just how much they do for children in our community at

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